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CORPORATE FINANCE SERVICE Investment Portfolio Management & Advisory Services Turnaround Management & Advisory Services General Finance Advisory Services Lease Finance

These two services are specifically designed to enable trustees of staff pension funds, staff welfare schemes and corporate fund manager establish the proper framework for the operation of their funds and to undertake imaginative investments.

Clients using this service will pass on the day to day monitoring of their investment and the active management of their portfolio to TYSL subject to pre-age criteria.

Generally, the aims of this service for fund managers are:
1. To provide sufficient capital gains and income to meet existing obligations.
2. To provide sufficient increase in the value of fund to compensate for the impact of inflation on future payments.
3. To provide a diversified basket of financial assets such that a decline in one sector of the economy is compensated by an improvement in another.
4. And also monitor actively the performance of the securities invested in applying the acceptable mechanisms within the capital market.

To facilitate the realization of these objectives, TYSL will review the existing Trust Deed and Rules and Regulations governing the operations of the fund and ensure that
• The Deed incorporates discretionary power enabling the Trustees’ Managers to invest in various securities having satisfied themselves that such investment are of an acceptable risk

• Additional desirable benefits are incorporated in the scheme in line with current practice. This aspect will be fully discussed and agreed with the trustees.

• The scheme complies with the requirement of the relevant Income Tax Management regulations.
Any revision of these documents will require the approval of the Trustees, clearance with the Company’s solicitors, final approval from the Joint Tax Board for Tax Exemption purpose and registration. It will also be necessary to engage the services of an actuary to value the fund and determine its liabilities in line with the Joint Tax Board requirements.

In managing a client’s fund or scheme, TYSL will structure a portfolio or investment compromising a wide range of financial assets from long-term debt and equity securities to short-term debt and equity securities to short-term money market instruments.
The overall liquidity of this is given priority consideration and usually an estimated portion of the investment is in short-term deposits or other money market papers. By this approach, calls on the fund to meet due liabilities or claims are promptly settled.
When appointed to manage a fund, TYSL undertakes the following functions:
Attend meetings with the Trustees of the fund. These meetings would be to set or review the general investment objectives and policy guiding the operation of the fund and to discuss outstanding Issues. TYSL may also refer from time to time, major or critical investment decisions to the Trustees for concurrence. The fund will be managed within set investment parameters.

a) Review the progress of existing investments particularly in relation to the liabilities of the fund. These TYSL would expect to be assessed by an actuary at least once every five years as required by the Joint Tax Board or as may be agreed between TYSL and the Trustees/Pension Fund Board. So far as possible, the investments of the fund should be matched to the amount and term of the gratuity and pension benefits to be paid out of the client’s Scheme. Changes in either the performance of investment or liabilities of the fund of a client may necessitate a change in the investment policy.
b) Consistently monitor the performance of securities within the portfolio and if desired dispose or acquire securities for the fund. The basic objective in portfolio construction is to achieve maximum return at an acceptable level of risk. TYSL will, therefore, attempt to achieve a degree of diversification as agreed with the trustees.
c) Prepare an Annual Report on the investments of the fund. The Report will review the investment market during the past years; give an overview of the investment market during the following year; analyze the performance of a client’s investment portfolio during the past year and make recommendations for the following year.
d) Investment money contributed or generated internally by the fund. As an active participant in the Capital and Investment Market through its Investment Management Group and related Stockbroking Operations, TYSL is in a good position to acquire attractive Investment on behalf of a client and to take and implement such decisions as to ensure that the best of a client are served.


TYSL will not be responsible for such administrative functions of an investment portfolio as preparing accounts. This function will be performed by the accounts and administrative department of the client’s Company.

Overall investment policy and asset allocation targets for each fund are set by the Corporate Finance and Investment Committee Group of TYSL which compromises the Management of Corporate Finance Sector. These guidelines are set within the investment parameters agreed with the client and reviewed at quarterly intervals, or more frequently, if necessary. The Group draws on the experience of the Groups industry specialists, Research Division; and its Stockbrokers to set broad policy guidelines based on the macro-economic and capital market outlook.

TYSL depends on in-house original research from Company analysts and industry specialists and economists within the Company as well as outside sources.

For advising and managing the scheme funds, TYSL will be paid annual fees for the time spent specifically on a client’s work by its officers. TYSL will also be reimbursed for other costs and out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the performance of its management and advisory functions. The annual fees is to be agreed with the client, however, it ranges between 1% to 5% of the fee.

However, where a client decides to take a more active interest in his portfolio, TYSL may be appointed adviser to fund rather than manage. In this case, TYSL will endeavor to perform the following functions in addition to (i),(ii), and (iii) under the Manager’s functions:-

i) Present details of new opportunities to fund. As an active participant in the capital market and through its stock broking operations, TYSL is in a unique position to introduce attractive investment opportunities to the fund.
ii) Regularly monitor the performance of the securities in the portfolio and advise on selling or switching of securities if necessary.
iii) Appraise proposed investment of the fund and give appropriate recommendation. Each investment will be analyzed in relation to its expected return and perceived risk. Comparison will be made with other securities of similar risk. Investment advice will be given as to whether or not to participate in a proposed investment.
iv) Provide general advice on the state of capital and investment market. TYSL will provide clients with latest information available on events and development affecting the market.

The fees payable on the two services will depend on the nature of service required and time spent on the job by our officers. This will normally be negotiated prior to commencement of work.

This is a service designed to assist those firms or operating businesses whose financial performance indicates that firms will fail in the foreseeable future unless short-term corrective action is taken. The starting point of our turnaround management process will be to undertake a diagnostic review or business assessment to establish the true position of the troubled Company and to determine whether a turnaround is a viable option. The reviews with the following objectives:

• To establish the true position of the Company from a strategic, operational and financial perspective.
• To assess the options available to the Company and determine whether it can be turned around.
• To determine whether the business can survive in the short-term.
• To establish the stakeholders’ position and their level of support for the various options.
Once a decision to proceed with a turnaround has been taken by the principal stakeholders, separate implementation process or work streams will be undertaken as follows:-

i) CRISIS MANAGEMENT: Develop measures to restore control of the distressed business and implement aggressive cash management.
ii) SELECTION OF THE TURNAROUND TEAM: Identifying and agreeing with the top management and his/her team to be responsible for undertaking the turnaround programme.
iii) STAKEHOLDER AND MANAGEMENT: Rebuild stakeholders’ confidence by reconciling their different interests within an over all recovery plan.
iv) DEVELOP THE BUSINESS PLAN: The development of a detailed recovery plan for the business covering strategic, operational and organizational issues.
v) IMPLEMENT BUSINESS PLAN: The implementation of the detailed turnaround initiatives contained with the recovery plan.
vi) PREPARE AND NEGOTIATE FINANCIAL PLAN: Restructuring the capital base and raising the money to fund the turnaround.
vii) PROJECT OF MANAGEMENT: The integration and co-ordination of the above work streams i.e over all management of the turnaround process.

Our turnaround team comprises experienced professionals who command the Corporate Law, Accountancy and General Management, General Financial Advisory Services, Leasing Finance e.t.c

i) Money Market TYSL is well positioned in the money market and therefore has ready access to relevant socio-economic reports. We have the ability to interpret such information professionally and will provide you with timely investment advice crucial to your taking placement decisions with Banks and / or Discount Houses on a wide range of money products and schemes. These product and schemes are usually designed to enable you optimize the yield on your funds while ensuring the safety of same. The products include the following • FGN Treasury Bills • FGN Treasury Certificates • Bankers Acceptance • Fixed Deposits with Banks and Discount Houses
TYSL acts as broker/agent on behalf of its clients by executing their buy and sell orders in the stock market. TYSL will execute clients’ orders as swiftly as possible and ensure that settlement of payments and recovery of securities are done in a prompt and timely manner. Fees for the services shall be as allowed from time to time by the council of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

This service is targeted at companies seeking to issue equity or debt in the primary market. As broker/dealer, TYSL will introduce a prospective issuing company to the Nigerian Stock Exchange and lodge the necessary documents with the Exchange for listing approval.

Based on its expert knowledge of the workings of the secondary market and the
Securities market in general, TYSL will advise clients on the appropriate pricing
and timing for the issue to ensure a successful floatation.
Recently, TYSL acted as the broker to LASACO Assurance Plc’s Right Issue of
80,000,000 ordinary share of 50k at 75k per share. The issue was fully subscribed.

TYSL also advices reputable quoted companies for an annual fee and on a continuous basis on how best to manage their relationship with their shareholders, the regulatory bodies, stockbrokers, financial analysts, the financial press etc, to make their shares investor friendly and ensure appropriate pricing of their stocks on the floor of the Exchange.

These services are targeted at institutions or individuals who seek anonymity, Nigerians resident abroad, and foreign portfolio investors who do not want to be bothered with the paper work associated with investing in the stock market. The tedious monitoring or claiming of cash dividends, bonus issues and share certificates will be done by TYSL. Such securities will be held in the name of our wholly owned subsidiary Trust Yields Nominee to facilitate transaction, although, the client remains the true owner. Quarterly statements of account will be sent to clients. There is an annual charges payable on dividends received on behalf of the clients and the usual charges payable with respect to normal buy and sell transaction.
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Trust Yields Securities Limited (TYSL) was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company on 28th December 1995, with an authorized and was granted approval to act as Broker-Dealer, Investment Adviser and Portfolio Manager in March 1997 by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
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