Q: Who Trust Yields Securities Limited?
Ans:Trust Yields Securities Limited (“TYSL”) is an Investment Banking Limited Liability Company regulated by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (“NSE”) and the Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”). TYSL is registered by the SEC and licensed on the 27th of February, 1997 by the NSE to deal in securities on the floor of the Exchange.

Q: What do I need to open a stockbroking account with TYSL?
Ans:You will need to complete our Account Opening/KYC Form and Signature Card to open a stockbroking account with us. There is no minimum amount required to open a Stockbroking account with TYSL. Kindly contact us for more details.

Q: What are your procedures as regards placing of mandates?
Ans: You can place your mandates by downloading our mandate form, completing it and sending it to us through any postal service or via e-mail using your registered email address to info@trustyieldssecurities.com. However, the deadline for receiving mandate is 10.00am on the intended business day of execution. You can also execute your mandate using our online E-Trade platform.

Q: How do I register for online access?
Ans:Once you open a Stockbroking Account with us, a CSCS account will be created for you. To have access to our online trading platform, you have to request via email, using your registered email address, to be registered on our online E-Trade platform.

Q:How do I monitor my stocks?
Ans:You can monitor your stocks and access your stockbroking account by logging on to our E-Trade platform using the access code and passcode given to you when you registered for online access.

Q: How do I reset my password?
Ans:You can send an email to info@trustyieldssecurities.com requesting for a password reset. We will reset your password and advice you of your new login details or click on the “forgot password” button in our trading platform, supply the required details and a new password will be sent to your e-mail address on our database.

Q:Can I pay cash into my stockbroking account?
Ans:Yes. You can make cash deposits, cheque deposits or funds transfer directly into our Clients’ Bank Account, which will be recorded in your stockbroking account. Kindly make a deposit to our Clients’ Bank Account (Sterling Bank Account No. 0008830046) via cheque or funds transfer.

Q: How do I know when trades are executed on my behalf?
Ans:You will receive an SMS from the Central Securities and Clearing Systems Plc (“CSCS”) and an automatic trade notification e-mail will be sent to you once a trade is carried out on your account, hence, the need to provide your current and functional mobile number and email address.

Q:Does TYSL give regular advice to customers to guide their decisions?
Ans:While we are an execution-only brokerage house, we share with our clients our highly intense research reports and stock selections that help guide investment decisions.

Q: What should I do if I notice the inconsistency in my portfolio online and that of CSCS?
Ans: If you notice any inconsistency in your online portfolio and that of CSCS, please send us an email using your registered email address via info@trustyieldssecurities.com.

Q: How do I utilize my sales proceed?
Ans:We pay your sales proceeds via cheque into your bank account in file with us or any of your other bank accounts according to your instruction. Kindly indicate funds transfer on your mandate and provide your other bank account details (if necessary).

Q:I have not been receiving dividends for the shares in my CSCS Account. How do I claim my outstanding dividends?
Ans:You will need to download and complete the E-Mandate form of the registrars to the companies of your respective shares. You may also need to process the Stock/Share Transfer Form through CSCS, especially if you bought the shares on the Secondary Market. Kindly contact us via info@trustyieldssecurities.com or on 07011781068 for further details.

Q:I have my shares certificates with me. How can I sell them?
Ans:You will have to complete the process of dematerialization to deposit the shares certificates into your CSCS account before it can be sold. Download and complete the Dematerialization Form for Migration of the respective registrar handling the company as well as the Stock/Share Transfer Form. Submit these documents to our firm with some other documents (if necessary). Kindly contact us via info@trustyieldssecurities.com or on 07011781068 for further details.

Q:My relative passed away and left to me his share certificates. How can I process them into a CSCS Account?
Ans:The process you are referring to is known as the Transmission Process. Kindly contact us via info@trustyieldssecurities.com or on 07011781068 for further details.

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