Turnaround Management & Advisory Services

This is a service designed to assist those firms or operating businesses whose financial performance indicates that firms will fail in the foreseeable future unless short-term corrective action is taken. The starting point of our turnaround management process will be to undertake a diagnostic review or business assessment to establish the true position of the troubled Company and to determine whether a turnaround is a viable option. The reviews with the following objectives:

To establish the true position of the Company from a strategic, operational and financial perspective.
To assess the options available to the Company and determine whether it can be turned around.
To determine whether the business can survive in the short-term.
To establish the stakeholders’ position and their level of support for the various options.

Once a decision to proceed with a turnaround has been taken by the principal stakeholders, separate implementation process or work streams will be undertaken as follows:-

CRISIS MANAGEMENT: Develop measures to restore control of the distressed business and implement aggressive cash management.
SELECTION OF THE TURNAROUND TEAM: Identifying and agreeing with the top management and his/her team to be responsible for undertaking the turnaround programme.
STAKEHOLDER AND MANAGEMENT: Rebuild stakeholders’ confidence by reconciling their different interests within an over all recovery plan.
DEVELOP THE BUSINESS PLAN: The development of a detailed recovery plan for the business covering strategic, operational and organizational issues.
IMPLEMENT BUSINESS PLAN: The implementation of the detailed turnaround initiatives contained with the recovery plan.
PREPARE AND NEGOTIATE FINANCIAL PLAN: Restructuring the capital base and raising the money to fund the turnaround.
PROJECT OF MANAGEMENT: The integration and co-ordination of the above work streams i.e over all management of the turnaround process.

Our turnaround team comprises experienced professionals who command the Corporate Law, Accountancy and General Management, General Financial Advisory Services, Leasing Finance e.t.c.

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