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Trust Yields Securities Limited (TYSL) was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company on 28th December, 1995, and was granted approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in March 1997, to act as Broker-Dealer, Investment Adviser and Portfolio Manager.

TYSL maintains a small but unique and select clientele base of corporate bodies and high net worth individuals and provides them with the best professional services at a reasonable cost.

In furtherance of its objective, TYSL is strategically located at a comfortable and easily accessible location on the 1st Floor of A.G Leventis Building, 42/43, Marina, Lagos. TYSL operations are fully computerized and research based. TYSL has a research unit which carries out studies on various aspects of the economy, specific industries, capital and money markets, etc. TYSL authorized dealers deal daily on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange; this creates valuable sources of research materials in the secondary market.

The Company’s first-class identity is being maintained by emphasizing its sense of tradition as evidenced by “Espirit de Corps”, self-discipline and the pride in getting things done in a first-class way -“Trust Yields Way”.

Practical Experience

Within the few years of its existence, TYSL has cut a niche for itself as a market leader in the provision of an efficient and effective service delivery for its highly valued clientele. This is evidenced by the growing and reputation of its corporate clients.

Presently, TYSL is engaged by the following corporate entities as their stockbroker/investment consultant for valuation of their investment portfolio and advice on timing and pricing of securities, as well as buying and selling of securities.

The Corporate bodies include the following:-

• TGHL Capital Limited
• First Trustees Nigeria Limited
• Lagos Building Investment Company Limited
• Cornerstone Trustees Limited
• LASACO Assurance Plc
• Ibile Holdings Limited
• NIDB Trustees Limited
• Union Trustees
• NICON Trustees Limited
• Guaranty Trust Bank
• Niger State Development Company Limited
• Lagos State University SSANU Pension Fund
• Royal Exchange Assurance Company Plc
• Niger Insurance Company Plc
• AIICO Insurance
• Diocese of Owo Anglican Communion

• International Breweries Plc
• Premier Paints Plc
• Union Bank Plc
• Northern Nigeria Flour mills
• Medview Airlines Plc
• Kedari Capital Investment Fund Plc

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