Rapid positive changes in Nigeria’s economic landscape present opportunities for investment. Thankfully, Nigeria has been spared the massive projected COVID-19 infection forecast, thus experiencing minimal impact on economic activities. Nigeria has an important growth potential from an economic standpoint and the prospects of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan are promising: sectors like telecommunications, information technology, financial services, oil and gas, construction and real estate, so also, agriculture and agro-allied services are amongst the highest priorities.


Nigerian growth potentials can be exploited through trading stock on Nigeria Stock Exchange with TYSL as your stockbroker. Trading stocks allows investors to trade the Nigeria stock market with TYSL right by their side. Stock traders profit from the increase in a company’s value over time, which in turn raises the value of company stocks. Investors may hold stocks for long periods of time in order to maximise on the long term movement of an equity price and the stock market.

TYSL brings a wealth of experience in capital market instruments and wealth growth. Our trading process ensures transparency and allows our investor clients to monitor their trading accounts 24/7.

Benefits of trading in the capital market with TYSL as a Diasporan broker include:

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